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At Panafric Ocean & Energy we understand the importance of always having the right Lubricants on board. Our procurement team finds the right lubricant your engine need and negotiates the best prices on your behalf.

Panafric Ocean & Energy supply and distributes a full range of commercial, automotive, industrial, and marine lubricants and oils, including auxiliary oil, compressor oil, cylinder oil, gear oil, hydraulic oil, main engine oil, refrigeration/refrigerating oil, stern tube oil, system oil, turbine oil, 2-stroke oil, greases and more. Our product line includes only the finest products from major brands such as Castrol, Chevron, ExxonMobil, Gulf, Shell, Total, as well as other branded and independent lubricant oils. Our product line also includes several environmentally friendly, EPA-approved products for marine use.

We manage an extensive network of lubricant oil producers and suppliers, state-owned oil companies, as well as independent producers and distributors worldwide to source our products from the highest quality and most cost-effective lubricant oil producers throughout the globe. Our dedicated team works closely with the Lubricant Oil Tech Centers along with several 3rd party laboratory and survey companies worldwide to provide our customers with the best-in-class technical expertise, lube oil analysis, engineering support and inspection services when you need it most. Our services are designed to help:

  • Reduce engine downtime and maintenance
  • Maintain engine efficiency and improve reliability
  • Provide cost savings and lower operating costs
  • Provide your engineers with insight on when to change or add more oil to your systems
  • Proactively detect problems to avoid damage and prevent a costly breakdown

Panafric  clientele includes Super Tanker vessels, Lightering tanker vessels, Service Boats, Offshore Platforms, Tugboats, Cargo Vessels, Container Vessels, Military/Government Vessels, Research Vessels and Power Floating Plants. We have an in-house team of experts that always strive to provide products at competitive prices with the highest level of service, no matter how large or small the quantity. We handle all sizes of inquiries from large scale bulk lubricant orders, down to the supply of individual drums. Regardless of the quantities being purchased, our 30+ years of experience enables us to supply you with the right products at the right price – 24/7.

Our warehouses are near the main port/wharf where we have forklifts and trucks available to help carry out a smooth delivery. Product and price lists for all our supply ports are available upon request. To view our Cross Reference Guide and list of Lubricant Oil Equivalent products, please click here. Discover why Panafric is the right choice for lubricant oil. Our team of experts is standing by to answer your questions and provide a solution to your needs. Contact us today for more information or pricing on our lubricant oil supplies.