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Pillars Of Our Brand


Our brand fundamental being developed as a completely new concept within the shipping industry. The new brand is based on pillars we believe to be fundamental towards increased profitability through the potential maximization of a vessel supplier’s efficiency. Our unique methodology of processes helps any one of our partnering clients extend their services beyond the industry standard.

Sales & Efficiency Management

Sales & Efficiency management is vital from any perspective, be it a profit-maximizing, or cost-minimizing view. As of such, our efficiency management outline focuses on providing services that lead to improvements in areas such as revenue optimisation, management empowerment, and service value retention.

Efficiency via management empowerment is achieved through fundamental handling aspects such as new customer acquisition, allowing suppliers’ management to allocate more time towards other, vital operations within the business.

Our structure relies on collaborating with suppliers in providing tailored sales & account management plans, to evaluate the needs of the business and any targeted clients through creating customised customer approach strategies.

The dedicated team focuses on sales through marketing all unique selling points and keeping a direct communication line with the target market. In addition, fundamental devises appropriate strategies to increase sales and analyses customer demands to respond to market fluctuations.

Sales reporting of what has been achieved on a regular basis is performed, to monitor the company’s progress on a regular basis.

Customer Relationship Management

The functions and values of Integral’s Customer Relationship Management pillar can be addressed and explained through a plethora of needs that are covered.

Through our focused customer relationships culture, suppliers gain greatly by having us upgrade their support levels. In effect, the team is available to liaise on their behalf on a 24/7 basis.

Benefits such as a multi-lingual environment can help us share feedback with the suppliers through a localized approach toward communication – something we take great pride in. This added level of communication is then passed on to the dedicated suppliers working with us.

We believe in customer relationships and appreciate their value, and having our team focusing solely on any requirement of shipowners can also bring things like response time down significantly.

In all, the team is always available to reinforce the value of a supplier’s network, enabling our partnering suppliers to grow their revenue by extending their customer retention rate.

Analysis & Opportunity Forecasting

Integral’s market analysis division carries out proprietary methods in monitoring global fleet movements, enabling the team to take a pro-active approach towards potential business. This helps integral in identifying untapped opportunities and passing them on to the suppliers.

Additionally, the team can filter and tailor essential market information feeds to suit each supplier’s operations, and act as an additional information provider.