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Panafric Ocean & Energy Limited is one of the leading players in the Oil and Gas Industry in Nigeria. We are a leading supplier of petroleum products into the Nigeria retail market and up stream operators.

We initially specialized in Marketing and Management services working with international and local companies. Over the years we have improved our portfolio with Strategic Investment in Oil Trading/Bulk Supplies, Tanker Vessels Operations and gas shore solutions. These strategic investments drive incremental earnings growth for the Company and ensure that performance is not dependent on any third party to meet our numerous Customers’ requirement.

The Company has grown its revenue considerably since the year 2005 and now boasts of one of the most competent and dependable Vessel Management Team. Over the years, we evolved a full array of product supply services in helping to achieve our goal through a reliable and efficient sourcing of Petroleum product and have forged close ties with some of the major refineries and international oil traders enabling us to offer wide range of products.

We also provide first class maritime services by acquiring tanker vessels for refinery loading and litering operations which in 2007 and 2008 conferred on us the Maritime Nigeria “QUALITY IN SHIPPING SERVICES” Award for our 2007 and 2008 Industry Development Contributions



We adhere to internationally recognised and certified standards and practices for compliance, quality, health, safety and security and are committed to excellence.


We develop innovative, efficient solutions that create value for our customers while growing, adapting to the change and embracing new technologies in the oil and gas industry


In pursuit of continuous growth and expansion, we endeavour to build long-term mutually beneficial relationships and strategic partnerships with all our stakeholders and the various port authorities where we operate.


We provide the best possible tailored solutions and exceptional management with in-depth knowledge and unrivaled industry experience, to ensure our services are delivered safely and cost effectively.


We conduct business ethically, transparently, and in a socially responsible way while observing the industry’s best practice.


We have an unwavering commitment to promote profitability, efficiency and sustainable financial growth for our stakeholders


Our vision is to provide impeccable maritime services to ship suppliers, with an end goal of building our brand around each vessel supplier’s needs, in a bespoke nature.


To be recognised as the country’s premier marine service provider by achieving positive results for our customers, building satisfying careers for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.